6 Insanely Expensive Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die

You can’t claim to have ever lived in the US if you’ve never tasted a burger. The truth is, a hamburger is one of the things that define America. But no matter how delicious and healthy it is, the last thing you can think of is spending thousands of dollars just to have a bite.

Here are the six insanely expensive burgers you must eat before you die

1. Fleurburger 5000

Price: $5000

By just having a look at this hamburger, you won’t even think about spending $50 to have a bite. But wait till you hear what comes with it. By paying $5000, you don’t just get the burger, but also a bottle of 95 Chateau Petrus which was previously priced $5,300 at the restaurant. Also, it comes a costly Kobe beef topped with truffles and ducks Foie gras from SW France. As you can see, it is not about the burger, but what you get when you buy one.

2. Cultured Beef Burger

Price: $330, 000

If you thought Fleurburger was worth the price because it came with a bottle of Chateau, think again. Created by Dr. Mark Post, Cultured Beef Burger is the first cell-cultured burger ever cooked. The professor grew muscle strands in a media having fetal bovine serum. It cost him up to $50, 000 to figure out how to grow cultured meat without involving any animal. While this is amazing, the price is still too high for a burger.

3. Absolutely-Ridiculous Burger

Price: $2000

Launched at Mallie’s Sports Grill $ Bar, this burger is as ridiculous as the name sounds. Not to mention that it is also a Guinness World Record Holder, it comes with a 272-pound burger, a 36-pound cheese and lastly, a 30-pound bacon. Also, it comes with a portion of chips and a drink. Jason Jones, who is the manager that revealed the burger says that it contains up to 540, 000 calories that are more than 200 times what you should take daily.

4. The Douche Burger

Price: $666

Unveiled by New York City food truck 666, Douche Burger features Kobe party that is stuffed with foie grass and covered with a Champaign steam-melted Gruyere cheese. It is then topped with truffles, lobster, caviar as well as BBQ sauce that is made with Kopi Luwak coffee. The whole burger is then wrapped in a gold leaf. A douche burger is all about cheese, bun, and meat. Those who have eaten it say that the other flavors ruin the taste. While Douche Burger is not as expensive as Cultured Beef Burger, the price is too high for a burger without anything special.

5. Le Burger Extravagant

Price: $295

Just as the name implies, Le Burger Extravagant is intended for people who like spending lavishly. Sold for $295, it contains smoked Pacific sea salt, white truffle-buttered roll, quail egg, shaved black truffles, 18 months cheddar, ten herbs white truffle butter and Waygu beef. As you can see, there is nothing so special about it, but you must agree that the chefs had to work so hard to put the ingredients together. If you are looking forward to wasting some few dollars, try Le Burger Extravagant.

6. The Richard Nouveau

Price: $175

Believe it or not, Wall Street Burger Shoppe were able to sell up to two Richard Nouveau every week. Why would anyone even think of buying a burger for $175? It might not be as expensive as some burgers in this list, but there is nothing unique about it either. It contains up 10 ounces of Kobe raised beef that is topped with a thick lobe of Foie gras that is seared, aged gruyere cheese and up to 25g of shaved black truffles. It is then served on a brioche bun that is anointed using truffled mayonnaise.

A regular burger costs approximately, $4 to $6 in the US. But these are just regular burgers with nothing unique as what you see with the burgers in this list. While these are not burgers you can eat every day, having a bite is a memory worth remembering. It is nice if we all can make buy those burgers without breaking the bank. Learn from our favorite entrepreneur Tai Lopez and visit his 67stepstailopez. You will not only be one of those who tasted the world Guinness book record holder burger, but also one of those who bought the most expensive burgers in the world.


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